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  Ethyl Acetate
Our Products
We supply Ethyl Acetate with below specifications.
No Characteristics of Ethyl acetate Unit Value
1 Appearance - Clear Liquid
2 Ester Content as Ethyl Acetate (w/w) %by Wt. 99.8Min
3 Water Content ppm 1000 Max.
4 Colour APHA 10 Max
5 Acidity as Acetic Acid ppm 100Max.
6 Ethyl Alcohol Content ppm -
7 Specific Gravity@20 ◦C - 0.89-0.90
8 Distillation Range-IBP ◦C 71
Distillation Range-FBP ◦C 82
9 Residue on Evaporation mg/100ml 20 Max.
Application Industries of Ethyl Acetate
• Solvent in Printing inks • Pharmaceuticals
• Laminates • Paints and Coatings
• Aluminium Foil • Flexible Packaging
• Flavour in Pharmaceuticals • Pesticides
• Varnishes • Nitrocellulose
• Perfumes • Synthetic Fruit Essence
• Adhesives • Photographic Films and Plates
Packaging and Supply
HM-HDPE Drums (210 Kgs)
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Calcined Kaolin
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Ethyl Acetate
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